The legacy of lumbering and the beginning of seattle industry

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Brief History of Seattle

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Company History - A Legacy is Cast

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Seattle’s latest growth industry: bemoaning what’s been lost

Title [Lumbering operations in the Cascade Mountains, Washington] Summary Photograph shows clearing in forest with felled trees, small shack, and fenced yard with adults, children, and a dog.

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Led Zeppelin

Unpublished, prepared for the May meeting of the Early Trades and Crafts Society. Councilmember Herbold and Seattle Legacy Business advocates, including Mike Seely, David Meinert, Eugenia Woo of Historic Seattle, and Chris Moore of Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, attended one of the Commercial Affordability Advisory Committee meetings earlier this year to urge their support of a Legacy Business Program.


History of the lumber industry in the United States

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The legacy of lumbering and the beginning of seattle industry
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