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Finally, this study explored how individual differences in domain integration and work- and family-role salience moderate the foregoing relationships, particularly because studies investigating these Spillover thesis have produced mixed results. Forecasting exercises indicate the improved ability of indices-enhanced models to successfully predict the evolution of economic activity.

Financial stress indices are constructed for, both, countries and their four most important financial markets banking, money, equity and bond.

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Secondly, it provides a glimpse of FDI spillovers in a technologically capable host country in East Asia. The third finding concerns non-linear linear impacts of FDI spillover across different scales of FDI in a sector, building on existing studies predicting a changing marginal effect of horizontal spillovers.

Exposure to those family-related affective events was related to corresponding changes in state affect, which not only persisted to the next morning but impacted employee health and wellbeing in terms of psychosomatic complaints.

The second category of passages shows how this occupation intrudes into the employees' family. We estimate the BEKK model for 27 different combinations of variables and compute averages over those results. Contact Political Spillover thesis and the workplace: You can either apply for a topic from the list below preferred method or suggest your own topic.

British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 8 3. In order to do that, I construct a series of financial stress indices for 25 countries. The indexes are successful early warning indicators, accurately capturing previous financial stress periods, while the financial turmoil of is, without doubt, the most severe one.

Three specific sub-questions are addressed: We build on strategic management literature that the behaviour and performance of a firm is influenced by environment velocity, finding that environment velocity affects backward negatively and forward spillovers positivelybut not horizontal spillovers.

Our results show that CC subsidiaries generate negative horizontal and positive backward spillovers, but no forward spillovers. A detailed review of empirical studies of worker co-operatives indicates that the 'spillover thesis' needs respecification to take account of seven variables that can shape the relationship between workplace participation and political efficacy.

Contrary to common wisdom, Greece is not the main propagator of volatility uncertainty, while it is between the most important receivers of volatility risk.

Moreover, new product launches explain part of the volatility dynamics in stock returns and UGC.

Spillover effects of traffic congestion in the Rotterdam road network

The UGC data is collected via multiple sources over a six month period. This spillover can affect individuals in either a negative or a positive way. Additionally, the motivations and a brief presentation of the thesis contents are provided.

Individual empirical analyses, using firm-level data extracted from two waves and of the Korean Innovation Survey KIS in the Republic of Korea South Koreaare used to examine these questions.

The first essay empirically investigates to what extent the evidence of three major documented stock market anomalies Spillover thesis ratio, firm size, and book-to-market ratio can be generalized across national stock markets.

This work is strongly motivated by the extraordinary evolution of the financial and economic landscape and the induced fragility within its foundations, especially during the last years. Introducing the two different types of knowledge--current technological domain specific knowledge and lateral utilization knowledge--it showed how different patterns of knowledge spillover emerged and resulted in the different paths of technological development in the U.

I will not supervise your thesis if you do not fulfill the prerequisites. Chapter 3 investigates the interrelations and financial interconnections of the Eurozone economies. In contrast to the previous empirical results for the U.

We took this a step further by comparing horizontal spillovers on local rivals and vertical spillovers on local partners, either suppliers or clients. We investigate this interdependence by studying the presence of mean, shock and volatility spillover effects between returns and UGC.

The semiconductor laser became one of the most important developments in the optoelectronics industry underlying the drastic changes that took place during the last half of the twentieth century in information technology, and it has become the most widely used laser since the s. Directing its attention to knowledge creation and spillover, this thesis scrutinises the development of semiconductor lasers from to This study drew upon the affective events and mood-congruent cognition theories to help explain how one domain influences the other.

In contrast, the pattern of competition of Japanese firms induced knowledge spillovers to enhance the development of core semiconductor laser technology instead of exploiting niche product markets. There was a positive relationship between negative affect at the end of the workday and the number of negative family affective events endorsed by participants who were lower on domain integration, but not among those who were higher on domain integration.

If you are interested to work on a topic from the list below, please indicate in your application that you fulfill the prerequisites. Chapter 2 empirically investigates the leading indicator properties of the aggregate systemic risk indices to the real economy.

The case for supporting worker co-operatives as an institutional solution to declining public participation is weak.

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Though this research shows the potential impact of work-family spillover there is very little discussing how specific occupations understand this conflict.

After identifying twenty-six individuals themes, repeated in each memoir, I have found negative work-family spillover is the manner in which these chefs most commonly discuss this social phenomenon. After completing a qualitative content analysis of the autobiographies of five different chefs, this research has shed light on how these individuals discus their experiences with work-family spillover.

The results reveal a number of interesting insights: Further examinations reveal that information inferred from price changes in the U.This spillover can affect individuals in either a negative or a positive way.

Essays on systemic risk and risk spillovers

Though this research shows the potential impact of work-family spillover there is very little discussing how specific occupations understand this conflict.

M.S. in GIST Theses * indicates thesis award winner Jo-Anne Antoun Cartographic Design and Interaction: An Integrated User-Centered Agile Software Development Framework for. Agreeing to Disagree or Not: A Multi-Level Examination of Conflict Spillover in Diverse Groups by Kevin Hill A thesis submitted in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Aalto University / School of Business / Learning Centre / Publications portal / eThesis / Spillover effects of ECB's and FED's monetary policies on the developing countries in Africa / Pikkarainen, Ville. Define spillovers. spillovers synonyms, spillovers pronunciation, spillovers translation, English dictionary definition of spillovers.

n. 1. The act or an instance of spilling over. Late trains were a spillover of increased ridership. spill•o•ver (ˈspɪlˌoʊ vər) n.

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1. the act of spilling over. 2.

Political participation and the workplace: the spillover thesis revisited

An Econometric Analysis on the Co-Movement of Stock Market Volatility between China and ASEAN-5 they had examine on the daily and overnight volatility spillover effects in common stock prices between China To determine the co-movement of stock market volatility between China and ASEAN-5 countries from the year to

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