Napoleon bonaparte destroyer of french revolution

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Everybody had to perish with the exception of several, very few chosen. Those lands which Napoleon conquered became satellite states which were exploited for the benefit, not of the Grand Empire, but for France.

He and his followers wanted it, and they had the power to take it. Between andNapoleon defeated Austria, Prussia and Russia becoming the virtual ruler of the Continent. The crowning and the coronation took place at Notre-Dame de Paris, a way for Napoleon to make it clear that he was a son of the Revolution.

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What was Napoleon Bonaparte's role in the French Revolution?

Bythe French weapons industry was producing four million weapons per year — 32 times as many as at the start of the wars.

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Napoleon and the French Revolution

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The economic dislocation that typically follows a war meant high inflation, unemployment labor unrest. To some extent, Napoleon represented a synthesis of the ancien regime and the Revolution.Napoleon Bonaparte or should I say the "Son of the Revolution", I believe was both a preserver and a destroyer of the French Revolution.

In fact, "In a sense, Napoleon brought the revolution to an end inbut he was also a child of the revolution" (Spielvogel1).

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The Great Armies Of Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon without a doubt was a child of the French Revolution and the Age Enlightenment. His leadership was a breath of fresh air. But the reign of Napoleon had several setbacks. Although he promoted the dissemination of ideals that emerged from the French Revolution, he had gone overboard.

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Napoleon bonaparte destroyer of french revolution
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