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Thirdly, it is also not true to say that the Greeks are unable to care for them in a proper manner, since they have long proposed to construct a state of the art and, more importantly, naturally lit museum to house both the Marbles and other ancient relics from the current restoration of the Parthenon.

Help locals build a museum for them and support the research into their cultural heritage. Whereas for the UK, although our days as a major power maybe over, our contribution to the world in terms of our scientists, art, seats of learning, music industry and peace keeping still remains strong.

I have seen them a number of times and I have never been remotely impressed by them. Greek artefacts belong in Greece. But at the same time, return all artefacts held in all museums and all collections everywhere in the world to their original countries.

Museums and private collections all round the world are full of foreign art and artefacts including British ones. That's what this comes down to. However, I choose to look at this situation not as a diplomatic problem but as an opportunity.

Some people mainly Greeks, I notice are claiming that they were stolen, which is untrue.

Tsvangirai lists Mugabe's thugs for prosecution

Kevin Dunlop, UK Mr Venezilos would do better to concentrate on the issue of the Parthenon itself, being slowly but unceasingly destroyed by Greek motor pollution, than on the friezes acquired by Mr matt mapanzure Elgin when the state of Greece didn't actually exist.

If every nation in the world took this kind of action then where would they be? Therefore we "need" the marbles less than Greece does and on that basis it would seem equitable to return them either on an indefinite loan or outright.

Mapanzure, a local village headman, led the way to the scene of a burnt village. The authorities have also confiscated Mr Tsvangirai's bulletproof BMW X5 car, which he fears could be the prelude to an attempt on his life.

I started wakeskating and before I knew it, I was sponsored by Nike and traveling the world doing what I loved at the age of 15! Hoarding riches and valuables from other countries is mere greed and goes well with the 'Rule Britannia' mentality!

Needless to say, I hung up the phone, broke into tears, and found myself enrolling in school to study Theology.

True conservation demands that we should regard ourselves as no more than safe-keepers until the treasures can safely be returned to their rightful places. This would be the worst harvest on record.

I would think that similarly your language, civilisation, and any form of western culture would not exist had it not been for the Greeks, but I don't see us claiming everything.

As for the argument that we cannot take care of them, obviously you must think that these would be the first ancient artifacts that we have to take care offI would like to reming you that we have had civilisation years before you Britons who were living in caves.

Shouldn't they all be sent back as national treasures? Or am I missing something? They are weathered pieces of rock of no use to man or beast. Until today I thought they were actual marbles.

Nikolas Piriakos, London, England Most definitely, give them back the marbles and I wager that they will be so grateful that they will give us their country which we fought for and helped retrieve from the Ottomans. I still had a long road ahead. Dmitry, Belgrade, Yugoslavia It does not matter what was negotiated two centuries ago.

My Story I fell in love with water sports at an early age. They should be in Greece. We stole them, they're ours.

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I can't believe some people in here will actually tell me that the sculptures were legally bought. Besides, I'm sure the Greeks could not care for it worse than the British Museum, considering that the area where the marbles are exhibited has been regularly used for corporate parties.

A door opened, and I was asked to come alongside a ministry that teaches inner city kids, as well as kids at summer camps around the U. The Marbles were given away by the Turkish when they briefly occupied Greece.

Doctors were amazed as, over the next month, my kidneys never failed, my heart was fine, I was able to keep my arms, and there was no brain damage. Helena Mapanzure, UK The problem is not these specific treasures - it is policy itself which is in question.

If there is a case for returning ancient monuments etc to their places of origin, the world's museums would be very bare! They will be better preserved in this country 3.

This was a miracle considering I was told I would be there a minimum of one year. Should the Elgin Marbles be returned to Greece? Rustam Roy, England Today's Greeks have conveniently forgotten their own imperial heritage:The latest Tweets from Matt Panure (@MattPanure).

Short-track racing enthusiast, hockey lover, past geography bee runner-up.

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