Aqualisa quartz case study

Aqualisa currently has a channel of distribution in 40 percent of these shops in the United Kingdom. Plumbers by and large preferred to put in a individual shower trade name and highly loath to exchange trade names. They also dislike stiff valves, leaky seals and worn out showers.

All papers are due by 7: The new Quartz product line is experiencing a very slow adoption process probably mostly due to the stigma that has remained from other electronic showers that have failed.

Squalid Quartz: Case Study

Due to the low interest in our product from the developers and distributors we cannot consider this group as a target group in our marketing strategy. This market also has a high level of product loyalty that will be resistant to change.

Integral power showers combined thermostatic mixer valves with booster pumps, but were considered less reliable than when installed together. Currently, it is aiming to launch its newly researched and developed product Quartz.

They have a good hold on the Standard Customers in terms of preference and sales through trade shops. You may either imbed any support material you develop, e.

There is no minimum length. But the problem is there is no connection between plumbers and customers. Aqualisa sold the electric showers, one of the solutions, through their Gainsborough brand; electric showers were visible in the shower stalls and did not solve the pressure problem.

Quartz alleviates both of these problems with simple installs requiring only a quarter of the time for installation and requires no excavation or additional materials.

The Market Showers were affected by low pressure and varying temperature of water. Despite the above facts, Quartz has experienced poor sales and has not met the company's expectations. The results of the field test are very promising. This segment is of prime importance.

Also sales are affected by bad experience of customers with previous products. A Master Plumber can even use his apprentices who have little to no experience in installing this type of product. The idea behind this strategy is that once the plumbers install the Quartz free from worry about costly repairs they will convert and recommend the product to their future customers.

Product The product Quartz needs no changing. These sheds usually offer the electric shower product type because of its easy installation and low price. Situation Analysis Customers The customers in the plumbing industry who buy showers can be divided into the Value Customers, the Standard Customers and the Premium Customers.

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Simply a Better Shower Case Executive Summary Situation Aqualisa Quartz, a significantly innovative product developed by Aqualisa, in terms of both cost and quality, has been facing challenges in the market since its launch four months ago.

At the present time, Triton is the only company that has achieved any sort of brand recognition and the importance of that is evident in the amount of showers that have been sold by Triton. Yet plumbers are reluctant to try new products out of fear of costly re-servicing.

Case Aqualisa Quartz

Does it do sense? Quartz alleviates both of these problems with simple installs requiring only a quarter of the time for installation and requires no excavation or additional materials. It cannot be marketed together with the Aquavalve line while discrediting the line itself. Forty percent of households in the U.

Herman,Exhibit 2 Company and Market Environment The Company Aqualisa is a steady leader in plumbing supplies specifically the shower product industry in the United Kingdom. This step will be noted as a strategic error since, Quartz was a completely different product as compared to other products.

The Quartz product line must be the pre-eminent thermostatic mixer shower product of Aqualisa and the Shower Industry. It is not the price that is stopping sales. I do not want to see your name, or any other personal identifiers anywhere on the write up.

The year before the new product was launched the net profit of the company equaled ,—.AQUALISA QUARTZ CASE SUMMARY Course: Strategic Marketing Management Student Name: Firat Sekerli The Problem: The managing director of Aqualisa, Harry Rawlinson, launched a new shower that is called Quartz.

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Despite of its features such as quality, safety. In Aqualisa case, Harry Rawlinson, managing director of Aqualisa, gives us an example that even with new significant shower product Quartz, which seems to be perfect in every aspect, they cannot make a relative progress in U.K.

shower market. Read this free Business Dissertation and other term papers, research papers and book reports. Case Aqualisa Quartz. CASE: AQUALISA QUARTZ Who are the consumers of Aqualisa (the UK company)?

There are three types of consumer: DO-IT-YOURSELF. Aqualisa Quartz Case Solution,Aqualisa Quartz Case Analysis, Aqualisa Quartz Case Study Solution, Problem Statement Aqualisa has succeeded in creating a product which is innovative and is the ultimate solution of every consumer in the market.

Beside oth. Aqualisa Quartz: Simply a Better Shower Case Analysis Aqualisa Quartz: Simply a Better Shower Case Analysis 1. Introduction Aqualisa is a UK shower manufacturer. The showers in the UK were facing two main problems: low pressure and frequent fluctuations in temperature.

Aqualisa quartz - Case study (STP) 1. Raoul Gauthier K Sales presentation for the case product (Aqual i sa Quar t z) Assignment 2 2. 2 Shower Industry Overview 60% UK homes had Shower % UK homes had Bathtub 44% U.K.

market sales come from replacement shower sales 27% Consumers are choosing the brand and the type alone Units sold.

Aqualisa quartz case study
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