A comparison of harry potter and sorcerers stone and alices adventures in wonderland

By bringing Ja ne Austen fanfiction to the forefront, and by drawing analogies with texts produced outside of fandom that also draw heavily upon the work of other highbrow texts, Pugh is able to place fanfiction within a broader literary tradition a tradition I will discuss in furthe r detail below.

This is not to say that I think such a theory should not be attempted, but, as it sta nds, I feel that such a theory will be far more useful if it is able to benefit from a wider range of those si ngular studies that Hills and Sandvoss dislike. The Ancient One opened the door.

Plus, he is in the possession of the remaining work of Allice, the Asgardian Sorcerer who created the Alices Stones. Furthermore, since the Prime Minister and the Emperor owe me a colossal debt, they both won't hesitate to support me. The Collector, Taneleer Tivan. Back then, she was lesser than a shadow, a corpse longing for its soul to be relieved from its torments.

Er- i do t k o aHarry confessed. PAGE 43 43 Internet, especially in the Potter fandom, enables communication not only between young readers, but young writers as well, who have acce ss to a wider audience than ever before. When Alice first meets the Queen: As with interte xtual, I dont see how this term, while interesting, can usefully be restricted only to those text s that engage in the type of extensive and coherent borrowing th at is the key marker of this genre.

Another book is Karen Hellekson and Kristina Busses marvelous, and more ove rtly theoretical, collection, Fan Fiction and Fan Communities in the Age of the Internet which gathers essays from a va riety of different disciplines, especially, and crucially, from the realms of lite rature and history; Hellekson and Busse provide a needed update to the internal processes of va rious fandoms, almost all of which live primarily on the Internet these days.

If you wanted so much to know more about us, you could have come directly to us and asked. Such a freaking bad idea… Hotaru you can't be possibly serious, right?

Harry Potter fan stories now number in the hundreds of thousands, and are produced and cons umed by fans around the world, ranging in age from schoolchildren to adults. Don't you even hope that killing us will solve your problems Fury, we both know that I am smarter than that!

A comparison of harry potter and sorcerers stone and alices adventures in wonderland

However, many of the most devoted aficionados of the series have not been content merely to wait for the next book; they have gone online in droves to swap gossip and speculation, draw pictures and, most especially, create new Harry Potter stories.

If that sounds a little utopian, its because I believe, in some ways, that it is: While Fiske correctly attributes a great deal of the pathologizing of fans as deriving from sexist, racist, clas sist and ageist assump tions about certain types of texts and the people who respond to them, he is, in my view, too attached to fandoms as being fixated on unworthy objects in the cultural-cap ital sense and fans are by de finition excluded from official cultural capital and its convert ibility, via education and car eer opportunity, into economic capital Alice, on the other hand, whole journey starts off as just wanting to get back home.

My project, while partaki ng of ethnography, also focuses attention upon fanfiction as art in its own right and, more over, as an art whose forms and functions are inseparable from its means of dist ribution: Hills I believe there are a number of pr oblems with this program.

A muggle then is a person who has no magical abilities.

Alice'S Adventures In Wonderland

I clearly doubt that a dead body will be useful to him. Archontic refers to a space, recursi ve refers to an action: As Philip Nel reports: Mikan met him first when she was brought to the Helicarrier. Portrait of the Artist as a Young Fan Let us hearken back to the image of the pathol ogical fan for a moment: The latter didn't seem very impressed by his attempts to threaten him.


Luca looked at her surprised, realizing that this silvery-eyed woman was calling his former childhood friend only by her first name. With a little smirk she waved her hands in a fluent and complicated motions, sending the fallen Asgardian Prince through a portal.

You are too reasonable to risk freeing him, so I do not regret taking this decision. He e plai ed. The two Sorcerers and the Alice witnessed as the Ancient casted various spells on the now full bottle, before to transform it into a pendant that hid its true nature.

Steve Rogers had his hands curled into tight fists, and Luca wasn't really sure about who he was really angry at, Thor didn't really seemed to be interested by the exchange, Natasha Romanoff seemed ready to shoot them whenever she would be ordered to, Tony Stark had gleaming sparkles of respect and amusement glowing in his eyes, Bruce Banner seemed slightly impressed, rather curious on what the situation would potentially lead to, a small smirk was showing up on Harry Potter's lips as all kinds of expressions were passing on Fury's face, from anger to confusion, then frustration and finally resignation.

Dudle looked a lot like U le Ver o. Fan derives from fanatic, which itself derives from the Latin fanaticus; the term was probably first used in the late 19th century, usually non-pejoratively, for followers of spectator sports, and was later applied to women who attended plays and films primar ily to see particular actors Jenkins Poachers The speaker was a plump woman who was talking to four boys all with flaming red hair Chpt All the Weasle s ha e red hair Chpt 6 Ron: Fans are not simply dupes, but are, in fact, savvy, subversive readers operating outside of the cultural industrys para digms especially since they are not simply readers.

Unless otherwise spec ified, throughout this study, by fans I mean these participatory fans, and especia lly those fans whose fandom centers around a narrative text, such as a book, film, or tele vision show; these fandoms are, unsurprisingly, the most likely to produce fanfiction.

One day just before his eleventh birthday, an owl tries to deliver a mysterious letter—the first of a sequence of events that end in Harry meeting a giant man named Hagrid. The Ancient One was now calmly facing her three puzzled disciples.

Nitish kumar bihar chief minister

Recurs ive literature especially lends itself to feats of compression that would be impo ssible in a non-recursive text: Bihar chief minister nitish kumar today favoured nationwide prohibition saying there could be no greater way of paying tribute to mahatma gandhi on his th.Well, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is a pretty awesome book full of imaginative ideas.

If Rowling were a Hogwarts student, she'd get top points for her house for her book's creativity, exciting plot, compelling characters. Alice was portrayed by British actress Gemma Sandzer in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Sandzer was not credited, nor was her character's name revealed in the film, but it is listed on her casting agency bistroriviere.com: between 1 September and 31 AugustGreat Britain or Ireland.

Comparing Harry Potter and Alice In Wonderland?

Page 1 Why Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and the Harry Potter series are ‘classic’ children’s books By Bethany Langston This essay aims to look at classic books and whether all children should be introduced to them.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Alice’s Adventures in and Wonderland, ‘Glaucous’ involves the imagination of a child to drive.

Dec 03,  · I'm writing my essay on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Alice In Wonderland where I have to compare the use of eccentrcity in both bistroriviere.com: Resolved.

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A comparison of harry potter and sorcerers stone and alices adventures in wonderland
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